Learn Business Where Business Is
We are in the heart of a city created by entrepreneurs and raised to global pre-eminence on deep business foundations. This confers an immense advantage on our students. Hong Kong is not only a capital of business, it is a great financial hub, a status it supports by being the most open business environment in Asia and one of the freest in trade and money in the world, with a low and simple tax regime. Its competitiveness, high by all the global rankings, is breathtaking and its infrastructure, which beats all other cities worldwide, makes it irresistible as a location. An Asian nexus and forever a portal to China, Hong Kong is a draw at all levels. Overseas and mainland companies are located there in greater numbers. It is fertile ground for startups, both local and from around the world. As a city, Hong Kong works and gets the job done. It is an ideal setting for internationalism, attracting people of many skills from far and wide.

Top Business Centre in Asia and in the World

World No.1 Freest Economy since 1996 (Canada-based Fraser Institute)
World No.2 Business-friendly tax system (PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and the World Bank Group: Paying Taxes 2020)
World No.3 Ease of Doing Business (World Bank: Doing Business Report 2020)
World No.4 Global Financial Centre (2023 Global Financial Centres Index 33rd Edition)
World No.5 World Competitiveness Rankings 2022
Regional Perspective

Regional Perspective in the Heart of Asia with Strong China Focus

HKU’s international MBA programme is designed to give you a first-class education, real-world experience, a deep understanding of international business and an appreciation of cultural sensitivities. Asia now lies at the centre of many business ventures worldwide, so our Asia-Pacific focus will give you a distinct advantage in building your career in the region and therefore anywhere in the world.

Our Asia-Pacific orientation focuses on Chinese business, which makes our MBA highly relevant to the region’s dynamic and evolving business environment. This China focus is achieved through pertinent and customised teaching materials, the local business knowledge of our faculty members and regular company visits and business field trips to China. We also visit countries such as Israel, Singapore, Vietnam, the UAE, the UK and the US, to give our students as much international exposure as possible.

Consistency Across All Major MBA Rankings
HKU MBA - Top MBA Programme Ranked Amongst All Major Rankings

No. 1 in Asia for the 10th time - The Economist World MBA Rankings (2022 & 2010-2018)
No. 1 in Hong Kong for 4 consecutive years, ranked 35th globally in QS Global MBA Rankings 2024
No. 1 in the world - Top tier: one-year MBA degrees - Times Higher Education and the Wall Street Journal Business School Report
No. 2 in Hong Kong - Ranked 45th in Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2024
No. 2 in Hong Kong - Ranked 24th in Poets&Quants International MBA Ranking 2023-2024 (The P&Q list is a composite of the two most credible rankings: The Financial Times and Bloomberg Businessweek)
No. 3 Highest 10-year ROI MBA, Global - QS TopMBA.com Return on Investment Report 2018
No. 6 in the world - Top MBAs for Women 2018, Financial Times
No. 13 in the world - The Best International MBAs: One Year Programs 2019, Forbes
No. 13 in the world - Top MBAs for Finance 2018, Financial Times
No. 31 in the world - Top MBAs for Entrepreneurship 2018, Financial Times
Leap to Success
The Career Development & Training Team consists of seasoned members with rich experience from the corporate sector. Members specialise in career coaching, employer engagement and operations. Together, they deliver career training and workshops, host company talks both on and off-campus and organise careers treks in various locations throughout the year.

The CDT will partner with you in your career searches to offer support, from self-assessment to relationship building with employers. We partner with more than 40 mentoring professionals who are dedicated to connecting HKU MBA’s talent with world-class organisations, building active relationships, educating students about career opportunities and briefing you on market trends across global markets.

The CDT team oversees the organisation of workshops, the publication of a CV book for recruiters, the management of job postings and the maintenance of relationships with recruiters. The team runs events including the on-campus recruitment campaigns, careers fairs and talent networking forums.
HKU Pride
HKU has established a solid reputation as a premier international university and a member of the global family of universities.

First and Foremost

As the oldest tertiary education institution in Hong Kong, over 270,000 alumni have been at the forefront of community life in Hong Kong providing leadership in government, commerce and industry, education and the arts, sciences and culture. At a global level, HKU has established a solid reputation as a premier international university and is a member of the global family of universities. The latest QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) World University Rankings® 2023 placed HKU at 21st in the world. These rankings are based on peer reputation, employer preferences, number of international staff and students, staff-student ratio and research quality. The university truly lives up to its motto: Sapientia et Virtus: Wisdom and Virtue.

Forward into the Second Century

Now into its second century, HKU is going from strength to strength. Our vision for 2016-2025 is 3+1: Internationalisation, Innovation and Interdisciplinary, converging to create impact. “Internationalisation” is not an end in itself, but a way to strengthen the university’s core mission. To do this, we will bring together our rich mainland and international strengths, experience and networks to augment opportunities for everyone in teaching and learning, research and knowledge exchange.

The University of Hong Kong- Asia’s Leading International University

No. 1 in Hong Kong- QS World University Rankings 2024
No. 1 in Hong Kong- Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2024
No. 1 in Hong Kong- QS Asia University Rankings 2022
No. 1 in the world, World’s Most International University - Times Higher Education (THE) World University Ranking 2021-23
No. 26 in the world- QS World University Rankings 2024
Global Vision

The London & New York Connection: An Expanded Global Vision

Our partnerships with two world-renowned business schools, London Business School and Columbia Business School, provide our students with unparalleled educational and networking opportunities. Students benefit from the international experience and state-of-the-art knowledge of three of the world’s major business centres: Hong Kong, London and New York. Our partnership with Fudan University in Shanghai further increases learning by giving students an in-depth understanding of doing business in the world’s biggest marketplace.
Case-Based Approach

Asia Case Research Centre (ACRC)

The Asia Case Research Center is a distinguished and renowned research centre affiliated with the University of Hong Kong and HKU Business School. Written by eminent professors from the HKU Business School faculty and prominent industry leaders, the business case studies encourage critical thinking coupled with a forward-looking management approach to meet the needs of rapidly growing businesses. Our research-led teaching framework keeps our students abreast of emerging business strategies, economic policies, management practices and financial developments across Asia and particularly in China.

Please visit us at https://www.acrc.hku.hk to learn more.
Entrepreneurial Incubation Lab
Understanding and building entrepreneurial skills have become critical for both business founders as well as future business leaders. Hong Kong is among the top startup hubs globally and the HKU MBA programme is collaborating with Cyberport Academy, part of Hong Kong’s largest startup incubation hub, to enable our students to experience the entire startup journey right from ideation to validation and startup pitch. This course will equip them with the tools to launch their own business and drive entrepreneurial initiatives in their companies.

Small Class Size and Collaborative Culture
The programme's relatively small class size, along with the diversity of profiles among class members, allows for extensive interaction and collaboration.
Diverse and Contemporary Elective Selection
Your MBA electives are often taught by industry practitioners to bring in real-world experienced professors to solidify your management framework. Our elective courses include: Building Successful Digital Ventures, ESG, Sustainable Finance and Impact Investing, Managing Black Swans, Artificial Intelligence for Business Leaders, Insights and Lessons - Reflections of a CEO, and Online Business Strategy.
Extensive Alumni Network
HKU has an alumni community of more than 280,000, providing leadership services in various industries such as retail, banking, technology, commerce, government, education, and ESG.
Lifelong Connection
Alumni engagement is an integral part of building an alumni community and providing a platform for students and alumni to exchange knowledge and forge friendships. This engagement is beneficial to both students and alumni because it helps them to expand their professional networks and creates opportunities for both personal and career development. The many initiatives of Alumni Services help to enrich students’ MBA experience. These initiatives include development and networking activities, an alumni portal and regional alumni chapters.
Alumni Lifelong Learning
In order to equip our alumni with new knowledge and further strengthen their MBA networks, HKU Business School offers their alumni the chance to enroll in one elective per academic year to continuously enhance their knowledge and stay connected to the business school. No course enrollment fee will be charged.
HKU Business School is fully accredited by the European Quality Information System (EQUIS).
EQUIS is the leading international quality assessment, improvement and accreditation system for higher education institutions in management and business administration. Its fundamental objective, which is linked with the mission of the European Foundation for Management Development, is to raise the standard of management education worldwide.
Rather than focus on the MBA or any other specific programmes, EQUIS is broad in scope, covering all programmes offered by a given institution, from first degree to PhD. Recognised worldwide, EQUIS has accredited 82 institutions in 28 countries in its first seven years of existence.
HKU Business School is also accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International, an association of educational institutions, businesses and other organisations devoted to the advancement of higher education in management. It is also the premier accrediting agency for collegiate business schools and accounting programmes worldwide.
It is important to note that not all members of AACSB International have achieved accreditation. Only those that have been found to satisfy its accreditation standards are permitted to identify themselves as Accredited Members, a distinction that fewer than five of the world’s business schools have achieved.
Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS) Membership
Membership in Beta Gamma Sigma is the highest recognition a business student anywhere in the world can receive in a business programme, accredited by AACSB International.