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Kritika Taneja - Charting a Course for Success in Corporate Strategy Advisory
28 Sep 2023
In this episode, we are thrilled to have Kritika Taneja (Class of 2019), a distinguished professional who shared the unique benefits that Hong Kong offers to aspiring management consultants. During the interview, Kritika highlighted the exceptional opportunities available in Hong Kong and discuss how MBA students can leverage these advantages to establish themselves in the field of management consulting. Gain valuable knowledge on how to navigate the vibrant business landscape of Hong Kong and position yourself for success.
Sakshi Gulati - Building A Career in Management Consulting
14 Aug 2023
Sakshi Gulati (Class of 2020), a manager at KPMG China, shares her remarkable career journey in this episode. From working with prestigious firms like KPMG and Deloitte to pursuing her MBA at HKU Business School, Sakshi's story is filled with ambition and determination. She reveals how she successfully managed internships alongside her studies, the transformative impact of her MBA programme, and her current role in finance transformation at KPMG China. Prepare to be inspired by her proud achievements, including leading training initiatives and spearheading a critical data management project.
Vincci Mok - Empowering Women in STEM
10 Jul 2023
Vincci Mok (Class of 2022) is a senior manager of digital innovation and technology at Digital G. Her career journey is a testament to the transformative power of an MBA education. As a graduate of the HKU part-time MBA programme, Vincci successfully made a career transition from civil engineering to digital innovation and technology. In this episode, she shares her personal experience of utilizing the MBA programme to empower herself in the STEM industry and offers valuable advice to those who are considering pursuing an MBA to advance their career. Vincci's insights shed light on the challenges faced by women in STEM and offer valuable lessons for anyone looking to make a significant career transition.
Geoff Mak - Decoding China’s Consumer Market
25 May 2023
Geoff Mak (Class of 2003) has a wealth of experience in managing fashion and consumer brands in China. Leveraging his decades worth of experience, he has established his own training and consultancy business to help other brands break into the fast-growing consumer market in China. In this episode, Geoff explains how his HKU MBA experience equipped him with the skills and knowledge to navigate the complex business environment of China, and shares his unique insights on upcoming trends in China's dynamic and ever-changing consumer market.
Alex Qiu - Uncorking Success: Creating a Sparkling Wine Brand in China
6 May 2023
Alex Qiu (Class of 2020) is the Founder and CEO of MR.SPARKLING, an original sparkling wine brand targeting young and trendy consumers in Mainland China. A born entrepreneur with a passion for alcoholic beverages, Alex played a vital role in promoting the burgeoning wine culture in China through his business ventures. In this episode, Alex shares his journey as an entrepreneur and how the HKU MBA programme helped him overcome the challenges of running a business.
Chandan Gupta - Top Trends in Private Wealth Management
15 Mar 2023
Chandan Gupta, full-time MBA Class of 2012, is a Senior Relationship Manager at Credit Suisse. Through the HKU MBA programme, he successfully relocated from India to Switzerland via Hong Kong and changed his career from engineering to private banking. In this episode, Chandan discusses upcoming trends in the private banking sector and his career transformation.
Aakriti Jain - Building a Career in Web3
24 Feb 2023
Aakriti Jain, full-time MBA Class of 2020, is currently the Head of Marketing at BCW Group, a Web3 venture studio and enterprise consulting firm. In this episode, Aakriti talks about how her HKU MBA journey and the programme’s London track, which enabled her to study at London Business School, helped her build a career in Web3 and adapt to the challenges of working at the cutting edge of technology.
Iris Heung - Lessons From an MBA Class Representative
10 Jan 2023
From organising networking events to liaising with professors, the MBA class representative plays a critical role in shaping the student experience. But more importantly, the experience and skills gained from this role remain relevant well beyond the MBA programme. In this episode, Iris Heung (Class of 2022) reflects on her time as an MBA class representative and the lessons she learnt.
Rajendra Shroff - AI Strategy and Technology
26 Oct 2022
Rajendra Shroff, an alumnus from our full-time MBA Class of 2019. He worked in the insurance industry in Hong Kong for seven years, after graduating from the London School of Economics, with a BSc Management degree. Raj was part of the Asia Pacific regional office overseeing strategic IT projects, transformation programmes, and other matters related to department finance analysis.

Since he really wanted to transition into investment management, Raj finished his CFA qualifications and then decided to pursue an MBA to make a career change. He now works as Director, Head of Applied AI Research at Blu Artificial Intelligence. In this episode, we speak with him about AI strategy and technology.
Dr. Neeladri Verma - From Dentistry to Consulting
29 Sep 2022
Dr. Neeladri Verma, an alumna from our full-time MBA Class of 2019. She now works in the health practice team at Economist Impact. After completing a master’s degree of dental surgery back in 2014, she started her dentist journey with India’s largest multi-specialty corporate dental chain, Clove Dental.

Later, Neeladri decided to pursue an MBA at HKU as she wanted to take her professional experience to the next level. In this episode, we speak with Neeladri about how she transformed herself from being a dentist to a healthcare consulting expert.